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Recycled Asphalt: The GREEN choice

Asphalt may look black on the ground but it really is green.

In 1993, asphalt was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Highway Administration as the #1 recycled product worldwide.  In fact asphalt contains, as a whole, more recycled material than any other recycled substance.


At Ramming Paving, we do our part for the environment and we implement two recycled products into our mix: Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP) and Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS). This significantly reduces our carbon footprint.

Using Warm Mix Asphalt helps us protect the Environment:

Warm-mix asphalt technologies allow asphalt pavements to be produced at lower temperatures, which mean reduced energy demands, as well as lower emissions during production and paving.

Here are some of the benefits of using Warm Mix:


  • Reduces the use of natural resources and the production of carbon dioxide. Warm mix can significantly reduce emissions: carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide reduced by 30-40%, volatile organic compound 50%, carbon monoxide 10-30%, and nitrogen oxide 60-70%.


  • Hot-Mix Asphalt requires heating temperatures in the range of 280-300 degrees Fahrenheit, while warm-mix asphalt is heated at temperatures that range from 212-280 degrees Fahrenheit. This cooler production temperature can reduce dependency on fuel and energy.


  • Warm-Mix Asphalt makes it possible for higher percentages of recycled asphalt to be used in the mix. In some tests the mix has been made up of between 20-50% recycled asphalt.


  • Warm-Mix Asphalt improves compaction which will enhance the durability of roadways and allow for a shorter re-open time for the general traffic.




Ramming Paving has more than 20 years’ experience in pavement marking planning and execution. We are familiar with current local, state, and federal regulations including the most recent laws relating to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Contact us today orfill out the FREE quote form to get started!

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