Asphalt Paving & Repairs.

We will inspect your property with you to learn what problems you are having and what you want to accomplish. Based upon our inspection, we will make a detailed recommendation as to what type of repairs is required:

  • Structural Failures – areas where the sub-base of the asphalt has failed which need to be excavated and repaired prior to laying down a new asphalt overlay or seal coating.

  • Cosmetic Repairs – the patching of potholes or repairs of isolated surface damage.

  • Drainage issues – correction of standing water problems or redirecting runoff water away from your building’s foundation.

  • Asphalt Overlay – laying down of a new asphalt surface over an existing surface.



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Why is fresh parking lot striping important?


Pedestrian Safety – Creating a safe environment for your patrons and employees is critical to the success of your business. Fresh pavement markings draw attention to the directives in your lot, informing both pedestrians and drivers. A safe parking lot can also reduce liability should any accident occur. When you re-stripe your parking lot, you make your business much safer for pedestrians.

Traffic Flow – Without proper traffic flow, navigating your pavement property can be difficult for both drivers and pedestrians. It is important they both receive clear directives to keep your property orderly and accident free. Fresh pavement markings help guide your customers as they navigate through your parking lot.

Parking Efficiency – Without proper markings for stalls, fire lanes, pedestrian crosswalks, no parking zones, curbs and other directives, your lot can become a place of chaos and inefficiency. Proper parking lot striping will help maximize your parking space, while keeping drivers out of areas reserved for other purposes.

ADA Compliance – Being ADA compliant ( is absolutely necessary these days. ADA regulations are very precise and specific. Ramming paving will ensure that you conform to ADA rules.

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Although Sealcoating your driveway or parking lot will make it look great, Sealcoating is not for beautification alone. Professional driveway sealing not only makes your pavement look like new, it can actually double the life of your existing asphalt. By making the surface more resistant to deterioration from petroleum products and weather-related erosion, driveway sealing can extend the life of your driveway 10-15 years.



More than Just a Seal

When you hire us to sealcoat your driveway we may need to perform other repairs first so that your asphalt gets the best possible seal. These services could include cleaning or pressure washing the asphalt, crack sealing, pot hole/asphalt repair, and the use of oil spot primers. Combined, these services will provide your asphalt surface with the best possible protection and give it many extended years of life.

Let’s Get Started

Don’t delay protecting your asphalt investment against oils, UV rays and water related erosion. Ramming Paving’s Seal Coating team is the go-to resource for all your sealcoating needs. Contact us today or fill out the FREE quote form to get started!


Crack Sealing.


Causes:  Various factors may be the cause: pavement movement, shrinkage of asphalt mix due to oxidation, weak or weathered joints, extreme

temperature changes, and/or surface layer movement.


Repair:  Alligatored areas need to be removed and replaced. It is important to professionally clean the cracks, removing any vegetation,

and fill the cracks with an industrial grade crack filler. After the cracks are filled, the lot should be covered with an asphalt

overlay or a sealcoat to prevent further damage.


Prevention: Ensure proper pavement installation, timely crack filling, sealcoating, sealer applications.


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Concrete Repairs.


Ramming offers commercial and residential concrete services to all its customers in Central Texas. From sidewalk repairs, concrete curbs, concrete car stops and concrete pad installations we are able to provide our clients with  excellent and reliable service.


Please let us know if you need any of the following services:  concrete paving, concrete repairs, concrete sidewalk repairs and grinding, car stops, bollards, curbs and gutters.


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