Crest Private Services,LLC

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Security Contractors

"Excel with Service"

Texas state license number: B19095
Company operations start date: 09/15/2015

Crest Private Services, LLC specializes in uniformed security services. We have patrol vehicles providing courtesy patrol service and stationary guards for industrial, commercial and residential clients. Our management personnel having over 20 years and more of direct and related experience in the security industry enables us to have the knowledge and training available to offer our clients a complete assortment of quality security services. 


Our mission is to provide service excellence to our customers with quality personnel and resources while establishing a strong relationship based on integrity and mutual goals.

Our Services Include

PATROL SERVICE: Courtesy Patrol Service, 12 hours, 6:00PM to 6:00AM, with standard foot patrols of property.

FREE CALL RESPONSE: Free unlimited call response service for all residents; (all calls are responded to, regardless.)

DAILY ACTIVITY REPORTS (DARs): Daily reports are professionally typed (MS Word) and faxed or e-mailed to all requesting personnel of your property and/or management company. 

ACTIVITY REPORTS LIBRARY: A chronological order library, in electronic format, of all DARs for your property is retained for 2 years.  Past reports can be retrieved and e-mailed or faxed to you, on demand.

SPECIAL REQUESTS: Crest will attend to and report activity on all special watches requested by property management. 

ESCORT SERVICES: On a limited basis, Crest will provide escort services, for residents/tenants requiring additional on property protective service.

LIGHTING REPORTS: Crest will provide lighting reports and security recommendations for your property. 

Texas state license number: B19095
Company operations start date: 09/15/2015

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